Thursday, 28 June 2012

Yummy product of the month: June 2012

I love a good candle especially highly fragranced ones to help eliminate the often biscuity smell left behind in my room from fake tanning. I recently discovered that Jellybean do their own brand of candles in all their popular yummy flavours.
I have always loved green jellybeans and just love the smell of watermelon, so it was a no brainer that I just had to pick myself up one their candles in the scent watermelon.

I am in love with this candle and love that within a few minutes of being lit this candle eliminates any nasty odours [you would never have known that fake tan had been applied in my room.]

I purchased this candle from ebay at around £4.50 but this candle along with other scents can be purchased at Jellybeans official website [Buy Here].


Product Rave: MUA Lipstick


Lately I have had a bit of a thing for lipsticks. I feel that a pop of colour on your lips can instantly make you look effortlessly polished.

I am always one for a bargain and I just love MUA’s makeup range, especially their multitude of lipsticks. MUA’s makeup range is so affordable, at £1 for a lipstick you really can’t go wrong!!!

The above lipstick is in the shade number 3 and can be purchased from Super drug [Buy Here] or MUA’s official website [Buy Here].  This lipstick is a beautiful raspberry pink lipstick. I find it very moisturising and easy to apply, and I believe that it will instantly brighten up ANY outfit. I always get lots of complements when wearing this lipstick.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely!!!             


What I love this month: June 2012


Beauty Blender

I have seen this makeup tool many a times when in Superdrug but always passed it by and never gave it a second thought until I started noticing that a lot of YouTube gurus were using it in their makeup tutorials.

I had debated over whether to buy a stippling brush or the beauty blender and after some research I discovered that they both do a similar job only the beauty blender is way cheaper so I decided to save myself some money and invested in Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Blender which I purchased last month for £4.99 in my local Superdrug store [buy here] and have been using it daily every since. I use this product both damp and dry depending on what makeup look I want to achieve. I do plan to purchase a stippling brush in the near future and hope to compare the results of the two.

According to packaging this product allows for amazing flawless application of foundation, using a bouncing or stippling method to blend makeup which leaves an airbrushed looking finish. I found that this small product gave an airbrushed and seamless look to my everyday makeup.  My makeup looks more natural and skin-like as a result. It is also easy to clean and I love that it comes with a little holder for the sponge so it doesn’t touch any surfaces helping to prevent bacteria getting onto your sponge, it’s also useful for helping the sponge dry once washed. I found that the sponge does not take too long to dry which is another added bonus. This is one makeup tool that will be a key staple in my makeup bag.

Click here to see a YouTube video by LoveLaughAnd Makeup on how to use and clean your beauty blender.

Would I recommend this product? Definitely!!!


Monday, 25 June 2012

A Further fake tan update, He-Shi Face and Body Gel.

In my first blog post linked here [Click] I mentioned that I would review one of my recent purchases; He-Shi Face and Body Gel which I purchased from for £14.90. Below are some pictures of this product:

I have been a long time fan of He-Shi Express Liquid Tan [see picture below] and thought that I would give their gel formula a go as it would be more moisturising on my skin. I exfoliated prior to application and applied oil free moisturiser to my hands, elbows, hairline, knees and feet beforehand. I used my tanning mitt to apply the gel. The gel looks very dark when squeezed out of the bottle [don’t let this alarm you] it does however come out quite light on the skin when rubbed in given the darkness of the actual product. The guide colour is handy to show you any spots you have missed but isn’t too dark that it would drastically stain your sheets [or onsie in my case].

The next day I discovered that the gel had clung to all my extra moisturised areas as mentioned above and had clung to any dry patches on my skin making them appear more noticeable, as a result my hands, feet, elbows etc were darker than the rest of me and my legs were also streaky. I have been applying fake tan products for years and have not had streaky legs since my early teens. I was shocked to discover that I had big missing patches on my legs the next day. In hindsight I would say that my legs streaked because it takes this tan a long time to dry given that it is a gel and perhaps I had not waited long enough before hoping into bed. Re the darker patches of skin and hands, feet etc, I do not know what else I could have done to avoid this situation as I’m not sure how a lotion would mix with the gel in order to dilute the tan for these areas, perhaps I should try this next time? Or maybe use a moisturiser with oil in it for these parts?  

One plus to this tan was that it looked lovely on my face, and I have since used it in conjunction with other tans as a face gel, where I will apply a small layer to my face once or twice a week. I think this product used as a face tanner along with He-Shi’s Express Liquid Tan would give a lovely over all tan.

Have you used this tan? What do you think?


Fake tan update, Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 week tan.

I like most other people have a love hate relationship with fake tan, I love having a tan [I feel more confident and feel that I personally look better with one, sadly I do not have a nice Kirsten Stewart/ Anne Hathaway skin tone] but I hate the upkeep of it [let’s face it, it’s a lot of work and I’m kind of on the lazy side when it comes to these things].

For a while I had been keeping a good tanning routine of exfoliating, moisturising and fake tanning. However I found that after 4/5 days my tan needed topping up and I have found this to be the case with whatever tan I used [He-shi, St.Moriz, Vita Liberata]. So in realistic terms I was fake tanning twice a week whilst ensuring I maintained my routine for trying to keep my tan. However due to wearing bras with underwire I found that after a day or two my tan would wear off where my bra had rubbed and my armpits would show the wear of tear of my tan which left me having to choose my outfits wisely which proved especially annoying when we would get random warm days[I wonder if the fact that I was using mousse fake tans would have anything to do with how the tan rubbed off in certain areas? ]. I found that the upkeep was just too much on top of a 9-5 job as well as my university work in the evenings. I found that in my little spare time that I did have I had a choice of weather I wanted to fake tan or do something else with my time.

When I discovered that one of my favourite tans were launching a 2-3 week fake tan I was thrilled to say the least. This tan claims to last up to three weeks. You can see my previous post where this tan was discussed [Here].


Using a tanning mitt apply as you would a tinted mousse, blending colour as you apply. Avoid the heel of the hand, and wipe knuckles, knees and ankles immediately. Any unwanted application should be removed immediately as the colour will take to the skin in only a few minutes. Do not moisturise prior to application, except for areas of exceptionally dry skin. Do not apply with bare hands as colour will take to the palms of the hands.

To extend the life of your colour apply multiple layers of pHenomenal, i.e.:

1 application = approx 7 days
2 applications = approx 10+ days
3 applications = approx 2 - 3 weeks

Allow at least one hour between showering and reapplying, for optimum results leave 3 hours between each shower for a longer lasting tan.

My thoughts:

I purchased the tan in the shade medium as I had previously tried their mousse In this shade and liked the colour it gave. I applied this tan twice; I applied the first application before bed and rinsed it off after 16 hours and reapplied my second application which I washed off as normal the second morning.

I had an even tan with pretty much the same colour results as their normal medium coloured mousse, I think a third application would have looked too dark and fake on me given my fair skin tone.

This tan has a colour guide which washes off the next day in the shower with minimal staining of PJ’s. I usually wear my onsie for tanning to contain the smell and save my sheets from staining. This tan doesn’t smell of anything when applying it but an hour later there is a normal but slightly subtler fake tan smell. This smell washes away in the shower the next day and doesn’t linger and I would say that the smell isn’t as offensive as the st.moriz smell.

I was disappointed to learn that this tan didn’t last long on me at all, it lasted around four days. Their normal tanning mousse that I had been using had stayed on longer and that was with only one application. I don’t understand why this product didn’t work on me and I was very disappointed that it didn’t but thankful that I had bought this tan whilst on offer for £25 and that I didn’t pay full price for it. One positive about this fake tan is that it came off very easy when I soaked in the bath and used my exfoliating mitts to take it off; I wasn’t left with any dry tanned patches.

Reviews of this product are very scarce. I have only been able to find a few and I now question the sincerity of some of these reviews, perhaps they had been sponsored.

I had however spoken with one blogger/YouTube guru via twitter [Melanie Twiner] about the tan. Melanie had better results than myself and gave an honest review of the tan on her YouTube channel which you may find useful [see below for her review].

I would suggest trying  this tan for yourself if you don’t mind splurging on a fake tan product however I would recommend looking about to see if this tan is on offer beforehand. Let me know if you have tried this tan?

Products I'm Raving About!!!

This month I've discovered (and rediscovered) some really great beauty products so I thought I'd share my findings with you all. The first product I will be sharing with you all is:

Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover.

What it says:  

Nail polish is instantly removed with the touch of a magic wand! For each nail, simply Dip-Twist-Remove in 1 second without any cotton wool.  Your nails will be polish-free in just 1 second*! Plus, its red berry and vanilla fragrance leaves nails delicately scented.  And…it’s good for your nails!’

Inside the bottle:

This little gem is full of good stuff; it is an acetone-free formula which is gentle on nails and cuticles. It is also enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil and is paraben-free. Nails are left feeling soft and nourished afterwards, like a little treatment in a bottle.

An added bonus:

With other nail polish removers I have made the mistake of putting my hand near my mouth before washing them after using nail polish remover thus leaving a nasty taste in my mouth. With this however there is no nasty nail polish remover taste [or smell] left behind after using…and yes I did test it out [well I made my sister,lol]

My views on this product:

I picked this product up on a whim as Superdrug had a 3-2 deal on all their cosmetics, this was my ‘free’ product. For the majority of my nail polishes it takes just one twist to remove the polish from my nails and for the more stubborn nail polishes [e.g. glitter polishes] a couple of twists and it comes right off. This makes removing nail polish less of a chore and eliminates any of the mess and hassle that used to occur with removing my nail polish before [cotton pads, tipping my nail polish remover too far resulting in spillages etc]. After trying this product out my mum and sister have since bought bottles of their own.

This is a product that I will definitely be repurchasing; I love how nourished my nails feel afterwards, it feels like I have given them a treatment. This product does retail a few more pounds than most nail varnish removers. But for me this product is worth the money and the next time I see it on offer I will stock up. This product currently retails at £4.99 in boots [Buy Here], but can also be found in most chemists and in some supermarkets. For those that feel that this product is too pricey instead of repurchasing you could simply top up the bottle with your preferred nail polish and wha la hassle free nail varnish removal!!
To see this product being used, check out gemsiesblog youtube video [linked below].