Monday, 25 June 2012

A Further fake tan update, He-Shi Face and Body Gel.

In my first blog post linked here [Click] I mentioned that I would review one of my recent purchases; He-Shi Face and Body Gel which I purchased from for £14.90. Below are some pictures of this product:

I have been a long time fan of He-Shi Express Liquid Tan [see picture below] and thought that I would give their gel formula a go as it would be more moisturising on my skin. I exfoliated prior to application and applied oil free moisturiser to my hands, elbows, hairline, knees and feet beforehand. I used my tanning mitt to apply the gel. The gel looks very dark when squeezed out of the bottle [don’t let this alarm you] it does however come out quite light on the skin when rubbed in given the darkness of the actual product. The guide colour is handy to show you any spots you have missed but isn’t too dark that it would drastically stain your sheets [or onsie in my case].

The next day I discovered that the gel had clung to all my extra moisturised areas as mentioned above and had clung to any dry patches on my skin making them appear more noticeable, as a result my hands, feet, elbows etc were darker than the rest of me and my legs were also streaky. I have been applying fake tan products for years and have not had streaky legs since my early teens. I was shocked to discover that I had big missing patches on my legs the next day. In hindsight I would say that my legs streaked because it takes this tan a long time to dry given that it is a gel and perhaps I had not waited long enough before hoping into bed. Re the darker patches of skin and hands, feet etc, I do not know what else I could have done to avoid this situation as I’m not sure how a lotion would mix with the gel in order to dilute the tan for these areas, perhaps I should try this next time? Or maybe use a moisturiser with oil in it for these parts?  

One plus to this tan was that it looked lovely on my face, and I have since used it in conjunction with other tans as a face gel, where I will apply a small layer to my face once or twice a week. I think this product used as a face tanner along with He-Shi’s Express Liquid Tan would give a lovely over all tan.

Have you used this tan? What do you think?



  1. great review! xx

    1. thank you :) just checked out your blog, loving ur style x

  2. Great post! I have not used this tanner, but I am a bronzed goddess for self tanners! Want to follow each other? Let me know what you think..

    Beauty Asylum


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