Monday, 6 August 2012

Product Rave: MUA Lipstick, Benefit’s Skinny Dip Dupe!!!

As stated before in this blog I’m a lipstick lover. I love how a lipstick can add a pop of colour to any outfit whilst leaving my lips feeling moisturised and kissable at the same time.

Lately I prefer to wear brighter lipstick shades in the evening and opt for a more natural shade during the day. A while back I received a Benefit lipstick from a family member in the shade ‘Skinny Dip’ which I instantly feel in love with and had been wearing every single day until it ran out. I went online to repurchase to discover that it retailed at £14-now I know I said I loved the lipstick but for a  girls who’s currently living on a budget due to being strapped for cash I just couldn’t justify spending £14 on a lipstick. So I decided I would just have to find a cheaper alternative-hello MUA lipstick in shade 11.
Shade 11
As usual I was browsing around Superdrug and decided to look at one of my favourite stalls-MUA. I’m a complete lover of this brand and have many of their lipsticks already. Whilst casually looking though the lipsticks I discovered shade 11, tried it on and thought ‘wow this looks just like my skinny dip lipstick.’ The best thing however is that this lipstick was a quid, yes one whole measly quid-hey I could buy 14 MUA lipsticks for the price of one Benefit lipstick [I proceeded to buy four MUA lipsticks that day and one lip-gloss, lol]. Now I know the colour isn’t the EXACT match but it’s pretty darn close. The only major difference between the two is that Benefits lipstick is slightly silkier looking, but this effect can easily be added to MUA’s dupe with some clear lip-gloss which I also purchased for a quid. Let’s just say I will defo be repurchasing MUA’s lipstick in shade 11 when I run out-unless there’s a dupe of that for less than a quid,lol

Have you found MUA’s lipstick to be a good dupe of other more expensive lipsticks?
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