Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Current Favourites: August

My Current Favourite TV programme: Pretty Little Liars. Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, whilst unravelling the mystery of the murder of their best friend.’I have been addicted to this programme for ages. Love the fashion and the twists and turns that occur in every episode...oh and the eye candy. Defo one to watch.
My Current Favourite Song: I have been adding a lot of music to my iPod of late especially ones from when I was growing up. One that I can’t seem to get enough of atm is R Kelly Bump and Grind-TUNE!!!
My Current Favourite Blog: Princess and the Pea. I recently stumbled across this blog and just love the girl’s style. I defo have style envy and shall be taking some style tips from this blogger.
My Current Favourite You Tube Channel: thesparkleicious, I think Avia’s You Tube videos are great as she gives her honest opinion and does really good informative in-depth reviews. I love to see on my feed that she has uploaded a new video. Avia also has a blog [click here].
My Current Favourite Shop: I was never really that fussed on H&M but lately I have found a good few wardrobe staples in store and have found myself not being able to pass by the shop without popping in for a nose and more often than not I come out with a shopping bag.
My Current Favourite Snack: Tesco’s Cheese Savouries Snacks for 90p. If you like KP’s min cheddar biscuits you will love these. I can’t stop eating them-yummy.
My Current Favourite Fake Tan: Garnier Summerbody in Deep. I love the stuff. See here for my review.
My Current Favourite Shampoo: Henara Shampoo for dark hair. Leaves my hair so shiny and smells amazing. However you could defo need to use a conditioner with this shampoo, luckily there is a matching conditioner.
My Current Favourite Body Wash/Bubble Bath: Dove Silk Glow, it smells lovely and lingers for a while on my skin. I would wear this scent as a perfume if it were to be made into one.
My Current Favourite Body Scrub: Soap and Glory Flake Away. Heavenly smell and does its job-what more could you want.
My Current Favourite Perfume: Alien by Thierry Mugler. Very strong so only need a little, too much and you’re in headache territory, it’s my signature scent and ill always wear it on a night out. I often get asked what the lovely smell is and I have had friends buy the perfume after smelling it off me.
My Current Favourite Nail Polish: Models Own Bubblegum, it’s almost neon pink and looks lovely especially on my tootsies.
My Current Favourite Foundation: Nivea tinted moisturiser. It’s cheap (often on offer for £2), looks good and I’ve received many a complement when wearing it.
My Current Favourite Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. Sadly I have very dark under eyes and this helps me look a little more alive.
My Current Favourite Mascara: Benefit They’re Real. I first got this as a Christmas present and wow what can I say. For me this mascara works wonders. I can’t see myself ever finding another mascara that matches up to this. The only mascara that ever came close is YSL’s mascara however it doesn’t last long as the wand is rubbish so this mascara by Benefit is my number one.
My Current Favourite Blusher: MUA’s Blusher for £1 in shade 5. Looks brighter than it is, but gives a lovely rosey glow.
My Current Favourite Lipgloss: 17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss in very berry. Such vibrant colour and stays on well. My go to lip colour for a night out.
My Current Favourite Lipstick: MUA’s lipstick in shade 3, perfect for daytime. See here for my review.
My Current Favourite Makeup Remover:Garnier 2 in 1 eye and face makeup remover. This stuff is amazing at removing my makeup, even stubborn eye makeup. It also leaves my skin feeling so soft that I can’t help stroking my face. Also I just saw today that Superdrug is doing two of these for £3.99 so I may stock up.
My Current Favourite Method Of Hair Removal: My Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator. I am a big fan of epilating and this one helps keep me fuzz free and lasts longer than shaving and is cheaper than waxing.
What are your current favs?
Thanks for reading.

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