Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August Wish-list: If I had £100 what would I spend it on?

Well I could and would quite happily spend £100, in fact there is a lot I would like to buy at the minute that totals more than £100 [winter boots, leather jacket, perfume etc believe me the list is long and my mum would probably say its endless]. Sadly for me I am strapped for cash atm as iv just forked out a small fortune on car insurance so I can only day dream about what I’d actually spend the money on [well for now-payday at the end of the month, whoop whoop] so below are the things I would buy if I was handed £100 right this very minute.

1.Soap and Glory Body Puff £3.50 from Boots 2.Nivea Tinted Moisturiser£3.65 from Superdrug 3.Demin Shirt £14.99 Online 4.River Island Jacket £55 5.Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer £7 from Boots 6. Tommy Tommy Hilfiger Loud Perfune £9.99 Semi Chem 7. Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan £2.50 from Tesco 8. Studded Collar Brooch £2.99 From Ebay.
Grand Total = £99.62
Recently I bought Soap and Glory’s travel size flake away after it was recommended by another blogger well let’s just say that I’ve fallen in love. I think it’s brilliant at removing old fake tan and the smell was just divine, I loved how it lingered on my skin. Boots were doing a 3-for-2 offer on some of their Soap and Glory products so I put an order in which is due to arrive this Friday [Yay] for the full size flake away, their pink perfume and the righteous butter body lotion [I will review these of course-all in due course]. So I really wanted to try their kick ass concealer but it wasn’t included in the 3-for-2 offer, instead it had £3 off, sadly I did not have enough pennies due to too many bills needing paid, so I am hoping to get this product next month. I use a large blue shower puff daily and think it’s great for lathering up my shower gels, I love anything pink and would love this S&G body puff, I think it would look well in my shower. I use Niveas tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, I just love it and have received many complements on my makeup since I started using it, I’m running low on it atm and need to stock up, likewise with my Garnier gradual tan so realistically I would include these essentials in my shopping cart if I were given £100. I have wanted a denim shirt for some time; I think it is a very versatile piece which can be worn on its own or over things. I would add a little something extra to it by adding the studded brooch. I have also had my eye on a khaki jacket with leather sleeves since I saw Louise from MIC wearing one, I saw this jacket in River Island and thought it was reasonably priced[better start saving]. Finally I am very into perfumes atm and smelt this Tommy Hilfiger perfume off my friend, she informed me that it was on sale in Semi Chem for a tenner-lets hope it still is as cheap come payday at the end of the month.

What would you buy with £100 if you were handed it for nothing?
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