Monday, 8 October 2012

Review: Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Stippling Brush
This review is long overdue however I am glad I waited as initially I did not like this brush so if I had of reviewed it when I said I was going to it would have received a thumbs down from me. However after vowing to try the brush for a long period of time before righting it off (mainly due to the money paid for it) I can now say that I use this brush daily and I actually like it.

This year I was introduced to new ways of applying foundation/tinted moisturiser. I had always used my hands however from reading blogs and watching YT tutorials I learned of a technique called ‘stippling’ and the different tools in which to do so. I done my research to discover that Cosmo’s Beauty Blender done the same job as the Real Techniques Stippling Brush at a fraction of the price and so being money savvy I decided to opt for the cheaper option and used the spare cash on other beauty bits.   Now don’t get me wrong I love my Cosmo’s Beauty Blender and can’t envision a life without it being a makeup bag staple (dramatic I know,lol) but me being me I just couldn’t resist the urge to see what all the hype was surrounding the Real Techniques Brush, so on my next visit to Boots I picked this brush up for £11.99. The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is a duo fibre brush, meaning it has a combination of longer and shorter bristles of different types. This is what affords the stippling effect resulting in an 'airbrushed' finish to ones makeup.

A close up of the bristles
My first reaction was ‘ooh its pink’ which is my reaction to all things pink; honestly I’m a sucker for pink, girly beauty items and thought this would look lovely on my dresser. I couldn’t wait to try it out when I got home. Now the reason I didn’t like this brush initially was down to two reasons 1) I felt like it was ALOT of effort and slightly more time consuming than my normal routine and 2) in the first weeks use it shed ALOT of hairs. I was extremely disappointed by the shedding of this brush and due to the shedding I stopped using it after a week’s use and went back to my trusty beauty blender. However one day I was invited out unexpectedly and needed to redo my makeup though my beauty blender had just been washed (I prefer using it dry) so I had no choice but to reach for the real techniques stippling brush, surprisingly there was no more shedding and I must have been used to using this brush as my makeup took no time at all. I also received lots of compliments on how flawless my makeup was that evening so I thought I would give the little brush a second chance and since then I haven’t looked back.

Now I incorporate both the beauty blender and stippling brush into my makeup routine every day. Firstly I use the brush to apply my tinted moisturiser all over. With this brush I feel like I don't waste my foundation/tinted moisturiser, I dot in it onto my skin and then buff this product into my skin using circular motions. The product goes on my skin and not into the brush. My brush hardly looks used/dirty after using it which is quite nice as no one likes the look of a grubby brush on their dresser. I then go over the makeup I have just applied with my beauty blender to ensure a skin-like look, I also use the pointed edge of the beauty blender to apply concealer around my nose and corners of my eyes. I can happily report that I have not experienced any more shedding from the brush. I have read lots of reviews on this brush and never heard anyone saying that they experienced any shedding from it so perhaps it was just my brush??? I have also used this brush to apply cram blush and it works a treat. I love how easy it is to clean this brush and that the bristles are still as soft as ever. I would however love if I could get this brush with a bigger head but I suppose the smaller head means you get a more precise finish. Lastly I love that the brush stands on its own which is very practical and helps to keep it clean. Overall I am very happy with this brush; I would urge those who have been thinking about purchasing it to go ahead and do so and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.


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  1. I LOVE Real Techniques brushes! They're so good for applying makeup! Have you tried the buffing brush? It has a tiny bit of a bigger head but it's so easy to use! x


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